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dear tumblr,

Thinking a lot about the given time we have. How everyday we only get 24 hours, and for most of it we sleep, or daydream, or time waste browsing. I’m one of those people who dreams big, and yet relies too much on clouds to hold me up, then feel the gravity of hard work

All around me are beautiful talented, hard working people. They are all accumulating their bountiful lives and acquiring true respect

Once upon a time, i wanted to be the best. College threw me a hard ball, one i’m not sure i ever caught bc to this day i still dream that i’m stuck in school, wondering why am i here again? 

Its because everything working upstairs is not. My creative brain.. I use to draw and write till dawn, i use to have passion and live for music and a pencil. i learned to color with markers and color pencils, sketch pads and paints. 

Nothing feels good anymore. I’ve lost my hunger, yet i’m still dreaming.

I still want to set the right path to be better, my dad tells me to stop looking around and just look FORWARD. Its really tuff though. Knowing that ALL of my friends have come so far….and i’m all way still barely have left the starting line. 

No matter, its never too late. I’ll begin to truly start the path to becoming a well rounded creative genius that many will come to know and hopefully respect.

My Goals:

+ Learn as much about modern media as possible

+ Read fucking books! educate myself will plentiful content

+ Draw every fucking day. life 30 min spit paint and oct. sketch.

+ learn the market of business

+ Finish all the shit you start unless its unsalvageable 

+ NO MORE SHOWS (ahem!! netflix….time waster)

I know i’m not the only person out there who wants to be better.

I have no idea who the hell trolls amongst tumblr blogs…but if you read any of this…i hope you too get up and start living for you passion. 

i’m signing off because i’m finally going to read the war of art GOODNIGHT!!!!

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